War of the Warts

Do You Need Wart Removal Treatment?

There is no need to panic. Warts are non cancerous, just unfortunate. They are caused by a virus that gets under your skin. These growths can show up anywhere on your body. The HPV virus (human papillomavirus) is very contagious.
Be careful around those that have warts showing, especially if you are more susceptible to them. Wash your hands often! You can even spread warts to yourself.
Combating warts is a true war because of how easily they are transferred. Using the best wart elimination treatments is important. There are many over-the-counter medicines you can try, but you’ll often find that your warts come right on back.
The problem with over-the-counter medicines is that there are a variety of types of warts and if you don’t know which kind you have, then you can’t be sure which medicine is the right one to use.
The Common Wart – Obviously the more common wart and you’ll often find these on kids. Kids tend to care less about hygiene without being reminded and nail biting is a common cause of becoming susceptible. This is because the common wart grows mostly on the fingers, around the nails, and on the backs of the hands. The common wart is fairly easy to treat and get rid of.
The Planter Wart – These grow on the sides, top and bottom of your feet. These can put up a wicked fight when trying to cure the skin of them. They tend to grow in clusters which is another reason they’re difficult to remove and not to mention these can also cause quite a bit of pain. Wear flip flops in the gym and always wash and dry your feet well!
Flat warts – Tricky little buggers…flat warts are quite small and hard to see. They’re much easier to see later on when they grow in numbers of 50-100 at a time! By the time you notice you’re dealing with flat warts, it’s easy to get excited and worried about the amount of spots on your skin. Stay calm, because these are treatable as well.
Filiform warts – If you have one of these you’ll notice much quicker than the others because of how fast they grow. These often appear out of thin air and grow quickly commonly on the face.
The Idaho Falls dermatologists here will be able to tell you which type of wart you are dealing with and how best to treat them and combat the virus. Warts can be a real pain. Don’t stress about it anymore. Come see us as soon as you can and we’ll get you back to wart-free in no time.

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