War of the Warts

treat warts, common warts

Understanding Warts: What You Need to Know

Warts, in case you are wondering are non-cancerous but are an unfortunate skin issue caused by a virus that infiltrates your skin. These growths, which can appear anywhere on your body, are caused by the highly contagious HPV virus (human papillomavirus). It’s essential to be cautious around those with visible warts, especially if you’re more susceptible to them. If you have warts, don’t worry, wart treatment is readily available.

treat warts, common warts

The Battle Against Warts: Why It’s Challenging

Fighting warts can feel like a war because of how easily they spread and how difficult they can be to remove. While there are numerous over-the-counter wart removal treatments available, they often fall short as warts tend to return. This recurrence is partly due to the variety of wart types and the difficulty in selecting the correct treatment without proper identification.

Types of Warts and Their Treatments

Common Warts
As the name suggests, these are the most prevalent and frequently appear on children. Kids often neglect hygiene and nail-biting can make them more vulnerable to these warts. Common warts typically grow on the fingers, around the nails, and on the backs of the hands. Fortunately, they are relatively easy to treat.


Plantar Warts
These warts develop on the sides, tops, and bottoms of the feet and can be particularly stubborn. They often grow in clusters, making them harder to eliminate and can cause significant discomfort. Always wear flip-flops in communal areas like gyms and ensure your feet are thoroughly washed and dried.

common warts
warts contagious, plantar wart

Flat Warts
Flat warts are small and initially difficult to detect. They become more noticeable as they often appear in large numbers, ranging from 50 to 100. While the sudden appearance of multiple warts can be alarming, they are treatable.

Filiform Warts
Filiform warts grow quickly and are usually found on the face. They tend to appear suddenly and can be quite noticeable.

Common Over-the-Counter Methods of Wart Removal

Over-the-counter (OTC) treatments for warts are widely available and can be effective for some people. Here are a few common methods:

Salicylic Acid
This is one of the most common and effective treatments for warts. It works by gradually peeling away the infected and now dead skin. However, it can take several weeks to see results, and persistence is key.

Cryotherapy Kits
These kits use freezing agents often liquid nitrogen to destroy wart tissue. They can be effective but often require multiple applications and may not work as well on larger warts and can be harmful if it gets on the surrounding skin.

Wart Removal Pads and Gels
These products usually contain salicylic acid or other peeling agents. They are easy to apply but, like other OTC treatments, may take time to show results.

Natural Remedies
Some people use natural treatments like duct tape, apple cider vinegar, or tea tree oil. While anecdotal evidence supports their use, scientific backing is limited. Some people try to cut out or scrape away the wart with a pumice stone. We recommend that you not do this because it may cause the warts to spread and is not an effective treatment option.

Why See a Dermatologist?

While OTC treatments can be helpful, visiting a dermatologist offers several advantages:

  • Accurate Diagnosis – our dermatologists can accurately identify the type of wart you have, ensuring you get the most effective treatment.

  • Advanced Treatments – our dermatologists have access to more potent treatments, such as stronger cryotherapy, laser treatment, or immunotherapy, which are not available OTC.

  • Personalized Care – A dermatologist can tailor treatment to your specific needs, taking into account your medical history and any other skin issues.

  • Faster Results – Professional treatments often work faster and more effectively than OTC options, reducing the likelihood of recurrence and transmission.

Idaho Falls Wart Remocal

Seeking Professional Help

The dermatologists at Idaho Falls and Rigby are experts in identifying and treating all types of warts. Understanding the type of wart and seeking the appropriate treatment is key to overcoming this common skin issue. While warts can be a nuisance, they are treatable. Don’t let warts cause you stress. Visit us, and we’ll help you achieve smooth, wart-free skin in no time.

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