Dermatofibroma Sarcoma Protuberans

Dermatofibroma Sarcoma protuberans are slow growing malignant soft tissue tumors that are more common in young adults. The mean age at diagnosis is 20-59 years. These growths can look like pink or brown firm bumps on the skin. They may even appear scar-like. DFSP can grow deep into the skin with spreading tentacles that can grow into muscle or bone. Rarely, these tumors can grow and invade other organs such as the lungs. The cause of DFSP is unknown and may be related to previous injury. The tumor cells of DFSP have been found to have specific chromosome abnormalities. Diagnosis is made by skin biopsy.


Life long- preventative skin exams are recommended in patients with a history of DFSP. These tumors can have a potential recurrence rate up to 20%. DFSP are not related to sun exposure.


Removal of the skin cancer either by wide local excision or Mohs micrographic surgery. If the tumor cannot be treated with surgery or if it recurs sometimes, chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be used for treatment.

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