Blood Vessel Growths or Malformations

PULSED DYE LASER– the latest technology in laser treatment of vascular lesions. We also have a Intense Pulsed Light device that will also treat vascular conditions.
An Angioma is a malformation of blood or lymph vessels in the skin. These lesions are harmless as well as painless but many individuals want to have them removed for cosmetic reasons. They may profusely bleed when or if they are injured. It is for this reason that an individual should not puncture them or attempt to remove them alone.
Types include:

Hemangiomas such as a cherry angioma are very common. People can have a few to dozens of them. They can be treated with a Laser or electrocautery.

Infantile hemangioma is a benign vascular tumor that usually appears as a red birthmark anywhere on your baby’s body within one to two weeks of birth. Treatment is not necessary but for cosmetic reasons the Pulsed Dye Laser is an excellent option.

Port-wine stain is a flat pink, red, or purplish birthmark caused by malformed blood vessels. They are harmless but can be bothersome cosmetically. The discoloration can greatly improved by a Pulsed Dye Laser.

Pyogenic granulomas are growths caused by increased growth of capillaries (the smallest blood vessels) and swelling of tissue around the area. They have been found following a injury to the area or during pregnancy. Treatment options include surgical removal or electrocautery.

Spider angiomas (nevus araneus) or Telangiectasias are small, bright red spots consisting of a dilated blood vessel surrounded by a slender dilated capillary. It resembles a Spider leg. They are harmless but may be treated for cosmetic reasons. Treatment options include Pulsed Dye Laser , IPL, or electric cautery.

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