Nail Removal

The human nail is a functional and complex part of the body. It consists of various parts that can become susceptible to infection and disease. In other cases, issues like hang nail cause incredible pain for patients. Healthy nails help protect the phalanges, finger tips and soft tissues that are prone to external injury otherwise. With nail removal from High Valley Dermatology, we provide patients with experienced surgical techniques, nail pathology, anesthesia and healing care after surgery. By providing you with the most knowledge and comprehensive evaluation, we can offer the best results for your nail care and recovery.

We treat a variety of nail diseases and injuries including:

  • Paronychia

  • Onychocryptosis

  • Myxoid cysts

  • Warts

  • Nail trauma

  • Nail unit tumors

  • Nail fungus
    Surgical excision is the most common way that nails are removed today. However, there are also concentrated urea plasters that can be applied for patients with different needs. This is a more cost-effective way as more than one nail can be treated. This is especially important if more than one nail is infected. It is also quite painless. Our dermatologists take the time to evaluate all patients first to decide on the best treatment. Whether you require surgical procedures or urea plasters, our staff aims to provide the most detailed resources and care before you make a decision.

    In some cases, antifungal therapy does not have to include nail removal. For example, there are different topical medications and synergistic combinations that be used to treat infections underneath the nail. These medications may be more beneficial at treating a chronic problem.
    With our experience and understanding of nail anatomy and physiology, we can treat a variety of nail health problems. It is essential that we evaluate patients and diagnose issues first. By providing you with the proper resources, information, techniques, nail pathology and wound care, you’re better equipped to have beautiful, healthy nails after visiting High Valley Dermatology.

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