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What Is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)?

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that takes unwanted fat from the stomach, thighs, sides, or other body parts to increase the roundness, making the butt fuller and higher. It originated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and does not use implants.

Unlike the BBL procedure, Emsculpt can be performed on multiple smaller areas such as arms to yield better muscle definition.

On the other hand, the BBL procedure could be dangerous and tedious as it requires extra-keen administration personnel and very close recovery supervision.

What are the Cons of Getting a BBL?

Emsculpt, on the other hand, is purely non-surgical. This machine generates super muscle contractions by speeding muscle impulses. Its use of controlled high-frequency electromagnetic energy will make you see results from the first session.

What are the Pros of Emsculpt?

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BBL Procedure

The famous Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a surgical process in the beauty industry to improve body figure by increasing the roundness, making the butt fuller and higher. The design originates in Rio, Brazil, and does not use implants to achieve results like the other former methods. It uses one’s fat harvested from different parts of the body. The procedure has a downtime period of approximately two weeks but varies from person to person depending on one’s fat reabsorption and acceptance of the tissues’ fat. Downtime here refers to the period in which the individual has to refrain from straining muscle activity over the affected area to avoid compromising the procedure’s results. It could involve avoiding sitting or lying on the back for operations performed on the backside. One may also be required to put on compression attire for a period lasting five weeks to prevent unnecessary swelling or bruising. The clothing also helps to retract loose skin over the affected area. 

Emsculpt Machine Procedure

The Emsculpt machine procedure, on the other hand, is purely non-surgical. It involves the controlled use of high-frequency electromagnetic energy to generate super muscle contractions by speeding muscle impulses. These super muscle contractions lead to increased muscle fiber development. It mimics the natural process of muscle fiber generation through exercise, only that the muscle fiber development it yields cannot be achieved through biological activity. The procedure tightens slackened muscles, improves muscle definition, and burns up extra fat leading to reduced belly and better-conformed muscles in the abdomen, arms, or buttocks.

Contrary to the BBL procedure, this process is not surgical. Also, instead of using fat transfer to yield the required results, this process eliminates it. It can be spanned over several weeks with designated sessions per week and does not require recuperating time in the end, that is, no downtime for this procedure. 

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