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Sleep - Your Body Depends On It

While many people look for miraculous solutions to their aches, pains, and health problems, a cheap and fast solution often awaits them every night. A good night’s sleep can work wonders for your body and mind. Sleep improves your memory, reduces stress, effectively treats infections, and keeps your heart healthy and strong with the Emsculpt Neo machine. Find out how sleep can bring you in these four ways.

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A Good Night's Sleep Improves Your Memory

Significant research indicates that more prolonged and deeper sleep with the Emsculpt Neo machine improves both short-term and long-term memory. But how does this work? Sleep researchers call it a memory stimulator. While the muscles and bones rest, the brain remains busy sorting, organizing, and storing everything you went through in the previous waking period. The deeper you sleep by using the Emsculpt Neo machine, the better your mind is to form strong memories and create problem-solving connections between different experiences and thoughts.

Treat Inflammation with Adequate Sleep

The more research and clinician trials learn, the more they realize that all forms of inflammation seem to be at the center of the damage resulting from stress and aging. Stress hormones and high blood pressure contribute to increased inflammation throughout the entire body. Fortunately, a good night’s rest helps reduce stress hormones and blood pressure, thus helping to fight indirect but effective inflammation throughout the body.

Sleep Better To Think Better

Reduce stress and turn it off with better sleep. Stress and poor sleep cause a downward spiral of health problems. The hormones that your body produces to cope with stress make restful sleep difficult, and lack of sleep puts pressure on your body to trigger higher production of these stress hormones. So try to break this self-defeating cycle by focusing on sleeping well with a session of the Emsculpt Neo machine. This applies to both quantity and quality of sleep: Try to get seven to nine hours of solid sleep and spend hours of deep and restful sleep. This will lower your blood pressure, reduce your stress hormones, break your cycle and help you cope better with stress, making it easier to sleep the next night.

Grow Your Heart For Better Health

In addition to the high-stress hormones mentioned above, lack of sleep is also associated with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So when you don’t get enough sleep, you increase three significant risk factors related to stroke and heart attack. So try to sleep at least seven hours every night to reduce these risk factors. Better sleep with the Emsculpt Neo machine will improve your memory, reduce stress, treat inflammation throughout your body and help you stay healthy and young.

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