Unwanted Hair

Everyone wants smooth, hairless skin. What a dream it would be to never have to shave again. There are numerous hair removal techniques to manage unwanted hair. These are some methods that men and women use to manage excessive hair.


  • Waxing, Plucking or Shaving

These methods take effect immediately and are low cost; however, they require continual maintenance. These temporary solutions often cause hair follicles to grow back thicker in appearance.

  • Bleaching, Creams or Lightening Methods

Bleaching or lightening hair may help look less noticeable, but again the constant upkeep may be tedious and time-consuming.

Many patients have concerns when it comes to laser hair removal. Common questions are “Will it hurt?” and “How long before I actually see results?” Patients have often described the pain as a minor sting or rubber-band snap that only lasts a millisecond. That’s how long it takes to zap the hair follicle away. Skin may appear puffy and slightly pink following the procedure, but should disappear before leaving the office. Patients have seen results in as little as four to six treatments. With its growing popularity over the last decade, many individuals seek professional help. Gentlelase Pro is your solution to achieving smooth, hair-free skin.


Face: $50

Underarms/axilla: $75

Bikini: $100

Brazilian: $250

Full legs: $200

Chest/abdomen: $200

Upper chest: $125

Full arms: $150

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“That beard is amazing!”

-jealous patients and coworkers

“I’ve been dealing with this for seven years and you were the one the figured it out.”

-satisfied patient

“I won’t go anywhere else!”

-satisfied patient

“Thank you for always being so nice to me.”

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If my face ever just falls off...I want YOU to sew it back on!”

-former nurse

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