The Straight Skinny on Skin Cancer Screenings

Why Should I Get a Skin Cancer Screening?

Getting your skin checked for signs of skin cancer is very important to do every so often and is key for skin cancer prevention. When you hear about High Valley Dermatology offering free skin cancer screenings, jump on this opportunity! The best dermatologist of Idaho Falls work at High Valley Dermatology and you want them to be the ones checking your skin for any serious conditions.

If this is a concern, put your mind to rest that no blood samples or taken nor does anything take place that causes physical discomfort. The main thing that happens during a skin cancer screening is that a dermatologist will simply look at your skin. No big deal at all; no excuses.

What Are Dermatologists Looking For?

When your doctor screens your skin for signs of cancer, he/she will be looking for many different types of skin cancer including the most deadly: melanoma. Read up about the 4 most common types of Melanoma and their treatment. Dermatologists will look for moles and spots on your skin that have reason for concern. These reasons for concern include:

  • if the areas are asymmetrical
  • if the areas have a spotty or poorly defined border
  • if the areas have a variety of colors in one spot
  • if the diameter of the area is greater than 6mm

“Melanomas are usually greater than 6mm (a pencil eraser) when diagnosed, but they can be smaller..”

American Academy of Dermatology

How Long Does a Skin Cancer Screening Take?

Hopefully, when free skin cancer screenings are held, there will be a line of responsible adults concerned about the realities of age and time. So, aside from a possible wait to see a dermatologist, a skin cancer screening should only take about 10 minutes. No big deal right? That’s what we are saying. Skin cancer prevention is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Do not mistake these quick 10 minute look-overs to account for your necessary yearly appointment with your dermatologist.

The Misunderstood Magnitude of Melanoma

Don’t be mistaken about the seriousness of melanoma. It is the type of skin cancer that spreads faster than any other type of skin cancer. Not a year goes by without more than a million new cases of melanoma popping up and not to mention every day about 20 people in this country will die from melanoma.

Skin Cancer Prevention

Take part in free skin cancer screens. Check your skin regularly. Watch for abnormalities and changes. And do what you can to avoid one of the fastest spreading skin cancers: melanoma.
If you have any reason to be concerned, get in touch with High Valley Dermatology and set up an appointment.