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To all of our valued patients:
We will be able to address many general dermatologic conditions with Telehealth (virtual visits through computers or phones with cameras). Urgent visits regarding new growths or suspicious pigmented growths will likely still need an in person visit. We are taking necessary precautions to keep our patients and staff safe and healthy. Our goal is to continue to care for our patients and keep them from heading to urgent cares or emergency departments that are currently heavily burdened.

Conditions that will easily be addressed include, but aren’t limited to, the following:
-seborrheic dermatitis
as well as many other dermatologic conditions.

Conditions likely requiring an in person visit:
-new or changing pigmented lesion/mole
-full skin checks
-new growths in general
If you have a lesion that is worrying you, we have very safe ways to see you in person and address that issue.

Currently, all cosmetic procedures should be delayed and rescheduled.

Please call the office with any questions regarding a tele-health visit or any suspicious skin lesions.

(208) 525-4888

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