Age Spot Treatment

Age spots, liver spots … tomato, tomahto. Either way you label them, no one wants them. These are two interchangeable terms for spots that start to show on skin because of 2 main factors: age and sun exposure. The fact that these spots are called “age spots” makes people uncomfortable. No wants a reminder of how old (young!) we are.

Age spot treatment is one of many cosmetic services offered at High Valley Dermatology. Most of the time, age spots are treated purely for a cosmetic reason. They are mostly harmless for your health.

Treatment options include cryotherapy and laser.  We have several different lasers that treat these unwanted spots.  Check out these pages below for more information.

PicoWay Resolve Laser

Cynosure Icon Laser

GentleMax Pro

Signs of an age spot that might be reason for concern would be if it:

  • is darkly pigmented
  • is rapidly increasing in size
  • has an irregular border
  • has an unusual combination of colors
  • is accompanied by itching, redness, tenderness or bleeding

When you come in for your appointment we will take a look for these things on any age spots/liver spots that you have. Remember that age spots are also caused by sun exposure, so most of the time you will find these spots showing on areas that are more regularly exposed to the sun, i.e. shoulders, neck, face, hands and arms.

If you use tanning booths, your probability of developing age spots is highly increased.  The prolonged exposure to the UV rays of tanning booths and the sun, causes your melanin to become clumped and that is what an age spot it. So, especially if you have light pigmented skin, be sure to regularly apply sunscreen if you are outside and exposed to UV rays. And please avoid tanning booths. They are not good for your skin.

If you are seeking age spot treatment, give us a call at 208-522-SKIN. We will be able to help you, but we have to see the areas first.

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