Idaho Falls Dermatologists Use Laser For Tattoo Removal With Effective Results

Tattoos have never been more popular in America than they are now.  They seem to have left their bad reputations behind and have become mainstream.  

A 2008 poll by Harris Interactive estimated that 14% of ALL adults in America have at least one tattoo.  That’s a lot of tattoos and while more people are getting tattooed, it only follows that more and more people are wanting to have a tattoo removed.  Options for removal have become very effective over the years.  

In Idaho Falls, High Valley Dermatology utilizes the gold standard for laser tattoo removal in the event you want yours removed.

Tattoos: A No Longer Permanent Reminder

People all over the world nowadays get tattoos for all kinds of reasons.  In other societies, religion, tribal, and cultural reasons are still prevalent.  In American society those more traditional reasons aren’t as prevalent.  Most people in American culture get them for purely aesthetic reasons, they simply like them and get them for meaningful and artistic reasons.  There are still people on the fringes getting tattoos done in prisons, or for criminal affiliations, but in general, most Americans just like them for fun.  Often what you thought was meaningful or fun in your twenties, though, is no longer meaningful in your 40s.  Or you were in a relationship and had tattoos done to remind you of your loved one, and that person is no longer a loved one.  In the past, you had few good options to remove an unwanted tattoo.  You could just live with it, or, you could try one of these options:

  • Dermabrasion (“sanding” of skin layers down until ink is removed, causes scarring)
  • Trichloroacetic Acid– an acid which removes skin down to the layer where the ink is
  • Salabrasion-abrading the skin with salt
  • Cryosurgery-applying intense cold to the inked skin to destroy the layers of skin to the ink
  • Excision-simply cutting the tattooed skin out

None of these were a really good option.  In the 1990’s, lasers were found to be successful at breaking up the ink particles under the skin without causing so much damage to the skin as the previous methods had done.  Brighter colors like blue and green were harder to remove and sometimes just faded.  Laser tattoo removal is still the best method for removal, but it is so much better now.  

Dr. Lindsay Sewell, Dr. Lena Gowring, Dr. Brandon Miner, and Joseph Anderson PA-C at High Valley Dermatology in Idaho Falls use the Alex TriVantage laser for tattoo removal.  This laser removes tattoos, even those colorful ones, safely and comfortably.  This laser is also approved for age spots, sun spots, freckles, and other pigmented areas of the skin.  If you have outgrown your tattoos, or you need them removed for other reasons, or you simply want to have more youthful looking skin,

please call Dr. Lindsay Sewell, Dr. Lena Gowring, Dr. Brandon Miner, and Joseph Anderson PA-C at High Valley Dermatology in Idaho Falls for safe and effective tattoo removal today!

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