Consider Safe And Permanent Hair Removal At Our Idaho Falls Location

Most adults in America practice epilation, or hair removal, fairly regularly. It is something that most of us do, whether we shave our legs and underarms or our faces and heads. And if we aren’t shaving our own excess hair, we are having it waxed off or dissolving it away. There are many ways to get rid of hair at home and temporarily. We at High Valley Dermatology also have a procedure to remove hair, permanently.
How Much Time And Effort Do You Spend On Hair Removal?

As previously mentioned, as adults we spend a lot of time and effort weekly or even daily to keep body and facial hair at bay. For those of us who do our own hair removal, we have many reasons. Some reasons may be cultural, perhaps medical, for some, the reasons are even religious. Whatever our reasons, we depilate. And there are just as many ways to remove hair as there are reasons. Some common at home or salon procedures are:

  • Shaving (using a razor)
  • Waxing (warm wax applied to the hair and quickly pulled off, bringing hair with it)
  • Sugaring (used like wax-sugar and water mixture sticks to hair and pulls it out)
  • Threading (string/thread runs over hair and pulls it out by the root)
  • Depilatory creams (dissolve hair at the skin surface)
  • Plucking (pulling out hairs one at a time with tweezers)

All of these procedures are commonly used and all of these do work to varying degrees, but the results are temporary. Within days or weeks the hair grows back. Dr. Lena Gowring, Dr. Lindsay Sewell, Dr. Brandon Miner, and Joseph Anderson PA-C have a better solution for safe and permanent hair removal.

The dermatologists at High Valley Dermatology, uses the GentleLase Pro laser based hair removal system. The laser penetrates all the way into each hair follicle and then destroys it at the root. The surrounding skin is not harmed. The laser hair removal is safe, and it is permanent. You will never have to shave or wax or pluck that hair again! Imagine all of the time and effort you will not be spending to remove your excess hair! Although laser hair removal is safe, it should only be performed by a physician at a licensed clinic.

Dr. Lindsay Sewell, Dr. Brandon Miner, and Dr. Lena Gowring are board certified dermatologists who will treat you gently and professionally. As a side benefit, the GentleLase Pro laser can also be used to treat skin discolorations and sun damaged skin. If this sounds better than your own temporary results you have with the at home techniques, think about permanent hair removal from High Valley Dermatology in Idaho Falls.

“That beard is amazing!”

-jealous patients and coworkers

“I’ve been dealing with this for seven years and you were the one the figured it out.”

-satisfied patient

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If my face ever just falls off...I want YOU to sew it back on!”

-former nurse

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