Mohs Most Cost-Effective Treatment for Skin Cancer

Mohs micrographic surgery (MMS) represents the most cost-effective treatment for skin cancer, according to an article published online March 22 and in the April print issue of Dermatologic Surgery.

MMS is a method of excising a tumor and the surrounding skin with the help of a microscope, allowing the dermatologic surgeon to trace the outline of a cancerous growth, layer by layer, with exceptional accuracy. The method is associated with significant tissue sparing, resulting in smaller simpler repairs or an option to let the wound heal by secondary intention.

Investigators led by Larisa Ravitskiy, MD, from the Ohio Skin Cancer Institute at Ohio State University in Columbus, performed a cost analysis with respect to 406 tumors that were cleared with a mean of 1.6 stages (range, 1 – 8 stages). The expenses related to subsequent re-excision and reconstruction and tumor recurrence were added to the final estimate.

Results showed that MMS was the least expensive of surgical options ($805/tumor) compared with standard surgical excision (SSE) with permanent margins ($1026), SSE with frozen margins ($1200), and SSE performed in an ambulatory surgery center ($2507).

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